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So, you want to come and see Buxton Or Bust?
What an excellent idea. You’ll love it.

As it says on the strap line; “Gilbert and Sullivan meets Mama Mia”.
Now, if you love Gilbert and Sullivan or Abba or any other composers with a brilliant back catalogue, wonderful tunes and a great turn of phrase there is a core of music that everyone loves. There are those musical phrases that make your heart leap with joy, songs that tug at your emotions (for both the rapturous and the ridiculous) and, if you are lucky in your choice of musical hero, expressions that make you giggle no matter how many times you hear them.

If you are as fortunate, as I am, to count Gilbert and Sullivan amongst your favourite writers then you know you are spoiled for choice.

Buxton Or Bust is the culmination of me romping through Gilbert and Sullivan’s scores and librettos and cherry picking some of the best bits. (I know we will never agree on what constitutes ‘best’ because we are all triggered to react differently to experiences.) However, I know you will enjoy it.

The Music

There are thirty Gilbert and Sullivan songs in the show and this includes one complete finale and parts of three others.

Many of the chosen songs are the ones you will know, even if you don’t think you know any Gilbert and Sullivan. If you are a G&S enthusiast why not play the ‘I’ll get that song in one note’ game? To do this just do not look at the programme but anticipate what comes next from the markers in the words. You can discuss your score with your friends at the coffee bar in the interval and again afterwards.

The Plot

This is a modern story with a strong nod to Gilbert’s repertoire of ridiculous plots.

The question is can Lord Simon get the company to the The Gilbert and Sullivan Festival and financial success or will he be thwarted by
- A Health and Safety Officer
- A Property Developer
- A Chorus of unruly ghosts
- An interfering parrot and
- Two suitors?


The plan is that you leave the theatre humming or whistling the songs and buzzing with a happy heart from having enjoyed an outstandingly joyous performance.

The performance will take place June 23rd-27th June 2015 at St John’s Church Bexhill-on-Sea East Sussex.
Ticket details will follow nearer the time but, for now, pencil these dates into your diary and keep watching this space.

Kind regards,

Bexhill On Sea