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So, you want to perform Buxton Or Bust?
What an excellent idea!
Why take a chance with a (new) Gilbert and Sullivan operetta?

(This is my soap box bit and if you’ve already decided to put on Buxton Or Bust or you are already an enlightened Gilbert and Sullivan enthusiast then scroll down to the nitty gritty words at the bottom).

I recently asked a colleague if she would like to come to see a Gilbert and Sullivan show with me in a neighbouring town, ‘Oh no,’ she said ‘it’s so old fashioned and boring.’ When I asked her how she knew it would be old fashioned and boring  she admitted that she had only seen one G&S show and that was when she was at school and her mother had ‘made’ her. She had been to see the Mikado, she didn’t know that was by Gilbert and Sullivan and she wouldn’t mind seeing that one again.

In trying to decide which shows we can put on in our societies we are more and more pressed to get ‘bums on seats’ and less driven by singing what we enjoy and know to be good; especially when it comes to Gilbert and Sullivan. It seems to me it has become a bit of a vicious circle. To make the money we need to continue we seek to attract audiences by novelty or the tried and tested. We only put on the best known G&S (The Mikado, Pirates of Penzance and HMS Pinafore) which means the others are less done which means that we, the performers and ultimately the audience shy away from the ‘others’ and so it goes on.

Maybe the reason societies don’t perform Iolanthe or Patience is not so much that the operettas have lost their relevance and the music is no longer great but that we have got out of the habit. Some of the most imaginative productions I have ever seen on the stage have been Gilbert and Sullivan’s operettas (if you doubt me visit the G&S Festival in Harrogate this year) and with modern stage techniques, materials and, especially today’s exciting and increasingly experienced young performers we should be making the most of our Gilbert and Sullivan tradition.

Wouldn’t it be good to get the young and older people in your production of Buxton or Bust and promote Gilbert and Sullivan whilst getting some part harmony singing going and engaging the whole company in the performance?

Break the cycle.

(Nitty Gritty bit.)
Buxton Or Bust was created to fulfil several criteria close to the heart of most musical and operatic societies.
Cheap to perform; costumes and props should be readily available and often ‘in stock’.
- The characters offer opportunities for both younger and more mature performers.
- There are lots of chorus numbers which means the chorus has lots to do. No hanging around in the dressing room waiting to do a quick song and dance in support of the principals.
- The words to the songs are generally as written by W.S. Gilbert.
- Most of the songs and choruses will be known to many society members and they are the songs that many other people, who do not think they know G&S, are aware of and can at least hum.
- Having learned the songs the company is on its way to having a G&S repertoire and in that way introducing or reintroducing Gilbert and Sullivan operettas to the company and audience.
- The orchestral score is for a reduced band which keeps orchestra costs down but still enables the company to sing with a variety of instruments. (Or just a add a piano or keyboard)
- Buxton Or Bust is a new G&S. Have fun with it, change bits, add bits. It was written with flexibility in mind.


What will you get and how much does it cost?

Buxton Or Bust can come with vocal books and orchestral score, libretti and software for the poster, fliers etc. as part of the package.

I am not totally sure about the cost but one thing I do know is that it is designed to be affordable for you to perform. That was one of the reasons the show was written; that Operatic and Musical societies, like the ones I belong to, can easily afford to do something new-especially this show.

Wait for it…………

This show is so new we haven’t even performed it yet! Before you perform it I need to ‘finish’ it- polish it and get it as shiny and stage-ready as I can. The package will not be available for hire until after 27th June 2015. Enquiries however can be made now and dates allocated, so email or ring today.

Orpheus In The Underworld

Buxton or Bust